Ten Hundred Word Communion

CommunionJust before Mr Jesus was taken to be tried for saying he was God, he ate some food with his friends. He gave them all some food and said it was his body, then gave them some drink and said it was his blood. He told his friends to do the same thing to remember him, so when God-liking people meet together every week, they do something that’s sort of the same, but a bit different.

When God-liking people were first meeting, they used to do this by eating dinner together, but that caused problems because some people were eating lots and getting very full, but others weren’t able to eat enough to stop them feeling empty. So they stopped doing that. Then they all started having little bits of food and drink, which meant they could do what Mr Jesus said without people fighting over the food, but they still needed to eat later.

Some people think the food and drink is really body and blood, some think it isn’t but is still important in some way, and some think it’s just a way of remembering what happened. People who think it’s really body and blood usually use a sort of food that’s a bit like paper, so that bits don’t fall on the floor, because they don’t think Mr Jesus would like to be dropped on the floor if it’s really his body. I wouldn’t like to be dropped on the floor.

Sometimes people use a different sort of drink as well, because some people don’t like the sort of drink that Mr Jesus used, or like it a bit too much, but people fight a lot about what sorts of food and drink can be used. It has to look a bit like the normal stuff, or it might not work. Using some kinds of food and drink that young people like makes people very angry, so most people think it has to be boring normal food and red drink.

I think Mr Jesus would probably have said if it was that important.

Image courtesy of nkzs, used with permission

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