Ten Hundred Word Heaven

HeavenThere’s a nice place in the sky where God lives. If we’re good and don’t do bad things, or if we do bad things but say sorry for them, we get to go there when we die. It’s not really in the sky, because if it was we might be able to find it and try to get in. Like all nice places, the people who go there don’t want lots of people bothering them in their nice place when they’re trying to have fun.

The nice place in the sky must be really fun, because it’s meant to be a good thing to go there for all of time. I think I’d get bored of even the best places in the world if I had to be there for ages and couldn’t go somewhere else. I usually want to go back home by the end of a couple of weeks away, even if I went somewhere really nice. It would probably be better if I didn’t need to worry about running out of spending money.

A lot of people don’t know that the Big Book of God suggests that there might be more than one nice place in the sky. Maybe that’s so people can move around and not get bored, or it could be to keep all the different groups of God-liking people away from each other so that they don’t fight. I do that with my children sometimes.

Some God-liking people think this means God has an important part of the nice place in the sky just for Him. Maybe He doesn’t like people hanging around His home.

Image courtesy of trublueboy, used with permission

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About Recovering Agnostic

I'm Christian by upbringing, agnostic by belief, cynical by temperament, broadly scientific in approach, and looking for answers. My main interest at the moment is in turning my current disengaged shrug into at least a working hypothesis.

4 responses to “Ten Hundred Word Heaven”

  1. jonnyscaramanga says :

    I think I was taught that the first heaven is the sky, the second heaven is space, and the third heaven is Heaven proper. Something like that, anyway.

    • Recovering Agnostic says :

      Interesting. I found several different explanations when I was searching around, but that’s a new one on me. It’s a risky one, because putting “real” heaven on a continuum with the sky and space implies that heaven is a place which is within the universe, and therefore theoretically falsifiable. But I suppose that sort of thing isn’t a serious consideration for ACE.

  2. Karin says :

    What heaven is/If heaven is, doesn’t matter to some Christians, it’s more about making things better here on Earth, or trying to.

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