Let’s see if Job’s Game for a Laugh

DevilToday we’re here in the Land of Uz, visiting a man called Job. A couple of months ago, Job’s friend Mr Yahweh called us up and said that Job was the sort of man who’d be game for a laugh. So last week, we arranged a few little surprises for him.

First, we arranged for a group of Sabeans to ride by, take his oxen and donkeys, and kill some of his servants.

Then we burned up all his sheep and some more of his servants.

Next, we got some Chaldeans to steal Job’s camels and kill even more of his servants.

But servants and livestock are ten a penny, so finally, just to see how he’d react, we arranged for a huge gale to knock down the house of one of his sons, killing all his children. Let’s see how he coped with all that:

Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked will I depart. The Lord gave and the Lord took away. May the name of the Lord be praised.

RubbleHe’s dealt with it pretty well, so next we gave him painful sores all over his body, just to stop him from getting bored, and sent his friends in to have a chat and see how he’s getting on. They’ve been talking away for days now, so shall we go and see how they’re getting on? Come on.

Job, you appear to have been having a bit of a rough time of it. Do you mind telling me what’s going on? I see… your oxen, donkeys, sheep, camels… servants, more servants, yes, lots of servants… and your children as well? And sores? No, best if you don’t show us, thanks. So you’ve been talking it over with your friends and getting a bit cross with the Lord, but you’ve made it up with each other now? I see.

Now, Job, what you didn’t know is that a little while ago, the Lord you’ve been talking to gave us a call and said you would be game for a laugh. Yes, He was in on it the whole time! So what we’re going to do for you, because you’ve been such a great sport, is we’re going to get your friends to sacrifice some bulls and rams for you, and we’re going to make sure you get back twice as much of everything as you had before. How about that?

No, I know it’s not much good to the ones who died, but we can’t work miracles, can we?

Images courtesy of nicodemus1 and whitebeard, used with permission

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About Recovering Agnostic

I'm Christian by upbringing, agnostic by belief, cynical by temperament, broadly scientific in approach, and looking for answers. My main interest at the moment is in turning my current disengaged shrug into at least a working hypothesis.

One response to “Let’s see if Job’s Game for a Laugh”

  1. hausdorff says :

    I remember rediscovering this story shortly after I left Christianity. I was pretty horrified at what happened to his family (and the fact that I had never considered that perspective when I was a Christian). I also thought it was terrible that God made everything right because Job got a new family. I brought these concerns to a Christian friend of mine and she just shrugged them off and kept insisting that the story was great and god was great and yada yada.

    I think that might have been the first time I saw someone completely ignore an argument that was shown to them and claim the opposite.
    “Wow, God was terrible in this story, he killed all those people”
    “nope, God is good”
    “But what about the wife who was killed”
    “God is love!”

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