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How Lord Carey made millions of Christians simply vanish

I always sit up and take notice when Lord Carey speaks. Admittedly, that’s because I expect him to say something I’ll want to be incredibly rude about, but I imagine he’d be pleased that he’s not being completely ignored.

His latest intervention is no exception to that rule, although his spat with David Cameron at least manages to be entertaining. The sight of the two of them blaming each other for a rising tide of secularism based on their own peculiar definitions of what secularism actually means is like two bald men fighting over a comb that doesn’t even exist.

Leeds MinsterMy first instinct was to write about Carey’s belief that he’s being persecuted, but I think the people at Newsthump have dealt with that pretty effectively. Then I thought about obliterating Carey’s description of “aggressive secularism”, a concept on a par with militant fairness or angry non-discrimination, and possibly inspired by Chomsky’s nonsense sentence “colourless green ideas sleep furiously”, but Dean Burnett did it better than I could have done. Read More…

Majority belief or persecuted pariahs? Christians need to make up their minds

Mark it on your calendar – it appears that I’m in agreement with the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) about something. Specifically, that it’s very good news that Adrian Smith has won his case against Trafford Housing Trust after being demoted for expressing a personal view in a personal context. Whatever the rights and wrongs of his position (mostly wrongs, it has to be said), the McCarthyite approach of disciplining people for opinions is dangerous and illiberal.

Wedding RingsBut that’s where my agreement ends. Strangely, even as they celebrate this victory, they’re claiming it as proof of the dangers of changing the law. Smith won his case, and there’s widespread agreement on both sides that he should never have faced any action against him. But while acknowledging and even celebrating these facts, C4M somehow seem to believe that this demonstrates a genuine risk of persecution for their views. Read More…

Confessions of a bigot

Don’t call him a bigot – he’s just equality-impaired

No one likes to be called a bigot. Lord Carey certainly doesn’t, and nor would I. It’s an uncomfortable judgement on someone’s impartiality and openness to persuasion. Above all, it suggests that they’re not just interested in holding or opposing a position, but actual hatred of a group. Unfortunately, it’s often an accurate description.

The problem, as I see it, is that there’s a tendency for both the people who use the word and their targets to view it as a boo-word, rather than a factual description or something to be considered and corrected. So it’s time for a confession – I used to be a bigot. Read More…

Will teachers be forced to promote gay marriage?

Have a guess.

Barely a day seems to go by without another unpleasant and disingenuous attempt to deny same-sex couples the same right to have their relationship recognised as is enjoyed by heterosexuals. I usually think it’s best not to dignify them with a response, but the Torygraph’s latest report that teachers could be forced to promote gay marriage or face the sack caught my attention. Read More…

Traditional Marriage is under attack!

Down with this sort of thing!

FAO: North Carolina Amendment 1 Campaign, Coalition for Marriage, Doctors for the Family, and other likeminded groups

Hi Guys,

Nice work on the campaigning. It’s great to see people really standing up for the traditional, Christian definition of marriage. It’s sad that polygamy and concubinage aren’t a serious prospect at the moment, but I suppose we have to be realistic about picking our battles. On that subject, I’ve noticed a few things that I think you ought to be aware of.

I was shocked to discover recently that the state is performing ceremonies that claim to marry people. There’s no vicar officiating, and religious content is explicitly banned from these perversions of the true nature of marriage. And the final insult is that they give these travesties the oxymoronic name of “civil marriages”, openly mocking our holy institution. Read More…

Homosexuals – Know Your Place!

The Coalition for Marriage’s blog is a rather strange, scary place. It seems to consist of nothing but naff self-aggrandising puff pieces about how many people have signed their petition, and cherry-picked and misleading reporting of things people have said on the subject of gay marriage, wherever it can be used to promote their agenda.

For example, C4M have already made a big deal out of Christopher Biggins (This video only tweeted) and Julie Bindel saying they’re not interested in gay marriage. The latter is particularly interesting. They quote Bindel (described as a “lesbian feminist” in the headline, as if this adds weight to her comments) as saying that gay marriage is a “waste of time and effort”. The predictability of Bindel having controversial, provocative opinions is hardly news, but they claim her as support even while quoting her as she goes on to say:

Many people, knowing that I’m a lesbian who has campaigned for gay rights for many years, would be surprised at me saying this, but I would like to abolish marriage for everyone and say that we should have the right to civil partnership if we so wish.

(My emphasis) A curious message for C4M to be endorsing, I’d say. Read More…

Who and What are Coalition for Marriage?

There’s a new campaining body on the move – Coalition for Marriage (or C4M as they like to shorten it) have suddenly popped up and started making a lot of noise about traditional marriage, and the dangers of redefining it. There are a number of things that strike me as odd, so I accepted their invitation to “Contact Us” and sent them a few questions I think it would be helpful to answer.

I sent them my questions via their webform. Let’s see how they respond. Read More…

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