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Chris Froome – It’s a matter of faith

Cycling PelotonThe 100th Tour de France was won today by Chris Froome, riding for the British team Sky. His dominance of the race continued the British stranglehold on the race which started last year with Bradley Wiggins’ strong victory with the same team, but opinion is divided as to whether this is a good thing – not because a close contest would be preferable (although this would be the view of most people), but because the margin and manner of victory suggests that he might be doping.

Cycling’s a sport with a long and shameful history of doping. Everyone is very aware of this history, still particularly raw after Lance Armstrong’s exposure over the last year or so, and everyone wants to see a truly clean sport. So when a rider and a team start to dominate the race in a manner with certain similarities to Armstrong and US Postal, it’s natural that questions are asked. Read More…

The Church of Lance Armstrong

So Lance Armstrong has decided not to contest the charges of doping against him. That’s a result that disappoints me, but not because I think he’s innocent. It’s just that this appears to be a calculated PR move to try to blur the lines, and it would be much more satisfactory if all his dirty laundry was aired in a proper hearing. It will probably still come out eventually, but in such a way that people who want to ignore it will probably be able to.

I don’t particularly want to discuss Armstrong (you’ll probably be relieved to hear), but how people handle it when their beliefs are challenged, especially when they have a significant amount of emotional investment in those beliefs. Read More…

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