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Sorry, we’re fresh out of locusts…

Small Mouse

Plagues ain’t what they used to be

Ah, Stephen Green – the gift that keeps on giving. Not content with blaming Tesco’s support for Gay Pride for some slightly disappointing sales figures, now he’s using his Christian Voice megaphone to claim that it’s also connected with an infestation of mice in the Covent Garden branch of Tesco. Strangely, though, he seems reluctant to specify exactly how these events are linked. Read More…


Tesco, Pride and Christian Voice

Tesco have suffered a fall in their sales over Christmas. According to Christian Voice, this is all down to their minor financial support for “Gay Pride”. Yes, seriously. Where to begin with such a crazy story?

First, Christian Voice: for anyone who’s mercifully avoided exposure to their rampant nutjobbery, I should explain that they’re the self-appointed moral guardians of the UK. I’m not aware of anyone (even conservative Christians) who takes them seriously, but they maintain a strong media presence because lazy researchers know they can always be relied on to stimulate (or possibly simulate) controversy by taking offense at something innocuous. I say “they”, but maybe “he” would be more appropriate – Stephen Green, the organisation’s founder, is to my knowledge the only person ever to have spoken for them in any capacity, and details of their membership are unclear. Read More…

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