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Stuart Broad, the spirit of cricket and ethics in sport

Anyone who thinks Test cricket is dead wasn’t following the events at Trent Bridge over the last five days. The first of ten Ashes Tests spread over two series was so outrageously unpredictable that if it had been proposed as a screenplay, it would have been rejected as too implausible and lacking in direction. But that’s exactly why I love sport.

Now that the match is over and my pulse has returned to something approaching a normal level, I hope it’s possible to examine the controversial events of Friday evening calmly and dispassionately. For the benefit of anyone who wasn’t following the match or just doesn’t care about cricket, England’s Stuart Broad nicked a ball and was caught, via the wicket keeper’s gloves, at slip. Out. His innings was over. But he didn’t walk, and the umpire, for reasons best known to himself, didn’t give him out. Australia were furious, but Broad batted on, adding sufficient runs to make the difference between the teams at the end of the match. Read More…

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