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Disorganised Religion – The story of the Muggletonians

Have you ever heard of a group called the Muggletonians? It’s not surprising if you haven’t, because they’re believed to be extinct, but they’re an intriguing (and frankly baffling) sect that lasted barely 300 years before their final trustee (and last known adherent) died, leaving the group’s entire archive of papers and correspondence to the British Library.

Bible GenesisThe eponym, Lodowick Muggleton, was a London tailor who flirted with the Ranters (another peculiar sect) before concluding that the power of reason was woefully inadequate, and apparently receiving revelations about scripture, along with his cousin, John Reeve. Interestingly, Reeve was initially seen as the leader of the movement from these revelations in 1651 until his death in 1658, at which point Muggleton took control and the movement began to be identified with him. Maybe that’s a good thing – Reeveonians sound so much less exotic. Read More…

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