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Is religious co-operation really all that liberal?

MinaretEcumenism and interfaith dialogue is big news these days. Last year Baroness Warsi, a Muslim, led a delegation from the UK, an officially Anglican state, to meet the Pope, and the result was a bit of a multifaith love-in. And just recently, I read about a new trend of Convergence Christianity, specifically described as not simply blending into a moderate middle, but rather being more open to discussion and adopting elements of each other’s practices, despite differences.

Ecumenical relations are often held to be a good thing, a sign of increasing religious liberalism and willingness to compromise. That’s a fairly obvious conclusion to draw when different religious traditions are prepared to talk and listen instead of condemning each other, but there’s another angle that may be worth considering. Read More…


Fundie God Dictation Bible: Matthew 6:5-6

This is dedicated to Bideford Town Council, Eric Pickles, Baroness Warsi, and all their fellow travellers who equate religious freedom with permission to enforce corporate prayer in the guise of public service. Read More…

Baroness Warsi’s rallying cry against the Secularist Front of Britannia

Quick, hide! They’re onto us!

Baroness Warsi is the latest of a string of ranters to shoot their mouths off with exaggerated fears about the dangers of secularism. Just in the last month, we’ve had Lord Carey, the Pope, and even the President of the European Parliament (among others) claiming that secularism is going to destroy the world. Now we have Baroness Warsi, a Muslim, defending a Protestant establishment while on a ministerial delegation to the Vatican. Confused? No wonder. Read More…

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