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Making sense of my crazy life

StressI’ve been neglecting this blog way more than I’d like recently, due to the repeated intrusion of real life. Lots of things are going on both at home and at work, with the two of them locked in a battle for supremacy and grinding my inspiration and energy into the dirt.

This week was fairly typical of what I’m trying to deal with at the moment – a sapping day-long meeting with a lot of people who are probably going to end up deciding on my future employment; a struggle to do a week’s work in three days while additional tasks are thrown my way because I made the tactical error of being competent; and finally, a sudden request for an early morning radio interview relating to the thing that’s occupying most of my home life, ahead of another potentially career-defining day. Read More…


Ten Hundred Word Resurrection

ResurrectionEvery year, on the day when people give each other sweet things that look like baby flying animal cases, we remember that a long time ago, God’s son came back to life after being dead. This is called ‘resurrection’.

After this happened, he was a bit like when he was living before, but also a bit different. He still had deep cuts in him from when he was killed, and people could put their hands right in them and touch him, so it’s a bit like he was a dead body that could walk around, like in movies. But he could eat normal food, not just brains, and he could also walk through walls and other way cool stuff. Read More…

The man who didn’t die

Rocking ChairThe old man sat in the rocking chair on his porch, gazed off into the distance, and sighed. It wasn’t meant to be this way. Where had it all gone wrong?

He’d had a good innings, there was no doubt about that, but there’s more to life than longevity. He’d had ideals and dreams, he’d led a great movement, but in the end, nothing had changed. No one followed him these days. He still commanded a certain amount of respect, but no more than that. What good was it for a man to live forever yet achieve nothing? Read More…

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