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Thanks and apologies to my readers

TypingAs you may have noticed, I tend to be a bit down on religion. Not entirely, and I hope not without good reason, but it’s largely due to the nature of my story. I’m still on a journey from my former conservative evangelical beliefs, with various stops along the way, and a lot of my thoughts are directed towards ideas I used to hold and am now questioning or rejecting.

I know that I have a number of followers who are religious in some form or another, generally with a sensible, progressive or liberal approach and an awareness of the various problems with the sort of beliefs I usually criticise. I respect them both for their beliefs (even if I disagree) and particularly for their interest in reading things that are often less than flattering about religion. They are a valuable addition here, and I’m grateful for that. Read More…


Let’s stone Pat Robertson

So Pat Robertson’s at it again – this time, apparently he asked God to show him some cool tricks and was given a secret revelation of the future:

The televangelist revealed on Tuesday that he had spent the nearly a week in prayer, asking God to “show me something.”

“I think He showed me the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that,” Robertson explained. “So I’ll leave you in the dark — probably just as well — I think I’ll know who it will be.”

That’s great, Pat. Too bad you’re not meant to tell us who the next president will be – we’ll never know how right you were. Just like I’ve been sworn to silence by the pink unicorn who lives under my stairs and has predicted the results of the next lottery draw – I’m not allowed to tell you until it’s happened.
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