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Holy Nostradamus! Why those Biblical prophecies are meaningless

Bible CandlelightThere are two parts to a prophecy that need to be fulfilled in order to be considered successful: the prediction and the outcome. The prediction needs to be clear and unambiguous, while the outcome needs to be independently verifiable. By a remarkable coincidence, there are two things lacking in Jesus’s supposed fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies. I wonder if you can guess what they are?

The first problem isn’t difficult to identify – the “prophecies” invariably come in the middle of a passage which appears to be talking about something entirely different, and are unfortunately rather short on useful details. Apologists tend to focus on the age of these passages (which is entirely irrelevant), or their number, but not their specificity. Here are a couple of oft-quoted examples, annotated with my comments: Read More…

How prophecy works

Prophecy – what actually is it? In the Bible, it involves a clear, specific message from God, often (but not necessarily) predicting the future in some way, and any “prophet” who got something wrong was to be put to death. In real life, what people call prophecy usually involves vague images and feelings, and those who make specific claims that turn out to be false face no penalty beyond possible slight embarrassment. But I always used to find it fascinating and intriguing.

Once, years ago, I was at a Christian festival and someone who was praying for me gave me a “word of knowledge” that God would give me calves of iron. I always used to take an interest in things like this, even writing them down in a notebook, but I hadn’t thought about this or anything else in years. Until recently. Read More…

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