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Interview with Dr Joe Wenke

Joe WenkeWhile I was working on my review of his book, I was lucky enough to be able to ask Joe Wenke (pictured right) a few questions about it, including what he was trying to achieve and how he felt about the stories he was satirising. So here, as a sort of bonus track, are my questions and his answers.

Was there a particular thing that inspired you to write the book?

As I explain in “The Genesis of You Got to Be Kidding!” a piece that I originally wrote for the Huffington Post but which is now included as an afterword to the book, the way I got the idea for writing the book is kind of strange. I woke up one morning, and the first thing I thought of was that I would read the Bible and when I found something funny, I would write about it. I had never had that thought before, and I don’t know why I woke up thinking the Bible was funny, although it is hilarious. Read More…

Book Review: You Got To Be Kidding, by Joe Wenke

You Got To Be KiddingThe Bible has always offered a rich seam for satirists to mine. The sheer number of stories, and the variety of different genres covered in the different books, make it an easy target for anyone who feels inclined to pick a few of the more peculiar events and recast them in a new light. But everyone can do that – the trick is to do it well.

Dr Joe Wenke decided one day that he was going to work his way though the Bible and write his thoughts down almost as they came to him. The result of his labour was You Got To Be Kidding, a collection of short essays on Biblical events that he considered amusing, outrageous, or worthy of comment in some other way. Read More…

The church speaks about moral issues

MicrophoneThe Church of England has been wading into all sorts of issues recently that seem to be a little outside what might be considered their area of expertise. I’ve been puzzled by that, and I’m very privileged and deeply honoured to have been granted an interview with George Parr, spokesman for Justin Welby, on the subject of these recent political and moral pronouncements.

NB: This may not actually be true. No guarantee is given that the person I spoke to has anything to do with the Church of England, is called George, or even exists at all. Read More…

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