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Fundie God Dictation Bible: Matthew 6:5-6

This is dedicated to Bideford Town Council, Eric Pickles, Baroness Warsi, and all their fellow travellers who equate religious freedom with permission to enforce corporate prayer in the guise of public service. Read More…


Council prayers ruled illegal

The High Court has ruled that Bideford Town Council acted unlawfully by including prayers at the start of meetings. A pleasing result, although not particularly surprising, seeing that it effectively discriminated against councillors who held non-Christian beliefs. And it appears that it’s unlikely to have any serious impact, seeing that it’s still possible to hold prayers just before a meeting, and the new Localism Act is intended to give councils the powers they would need to authorise these prayers. But there are two interesting elements to this story – one is the reasoning given for the ruling, and one is the reaction to it. Read More…

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