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Guides, God and my son the sectarian paramilitary

The Guides have taken the decision to drop any mention of God from their official promise, and it’s fair to say that reaction has been mixed, ranging from a relaxed “about time, too” to indignant rants from people who seem to be on the verge of going the Full Carey.

CampfireThis caught my attention because Elder Son has recently joined the Beaver Scouts. He loves it – he gets to play games, do cool stuff, learn things and spend lots of time with his friends. And because he’s having fun, I’m happy. But the promise is a peculiar anomaly when viewed alongside all of that. Read More…


Biblical Parenting

Garden of EdenI’m not a great parent. Too often, I’m grumpy, impatient or distracted by something I find more interesting than my offspring – even, believe it or not, this blog.

But I’ve decided to do something about that. I’m going to take my lead from a book that’s often held up as the ultimate – or indeed only – arbiter of morality, right and wrong, good and evil. There are plenty of parents in the Bible who should be fine role models, but more importantly, God Himself is described as a Father to all of us. With His superior power, maturity and understanding, this is surely the ultimate example of what a parent should be like.

So I’m going to start from the beginning, with the first chapters of Genesis. Tomorrow, I’m going to leave a big, incredibly sharp razor blade on the floor while the boys are playing Read More…

Guest post: The Problem of Satan

I’ve just had another guest post published over at the marvellous Confessions of a Heretic Husband, on the subject of what I call The Problem of Satan. Please go and check it out, and – if you haven’t already – the rest of the blog, which is on much the same lines as mine.

Ten Hundred Word Pentecost

Holy SpiritBefore Mr Jesus went away into the sky to be with the Father, he promised that he would send the air-person-God to help his friends to know what to do. One story says that he also gave people the air-person-God before he went away, but that’s usually ignored.

When the air-person-God arrived, all the first God-liking people started to use different ways of speaking, so that people from all over the world could understand what they were saying. Read More…

Ten Hundred Word Sin

SinGod is very concerned about what we do, and wants to make sure that we do some things that he likes, and especially that we don’t do things he doesn’t like. When we don’t do what God wants, it’s called ‘sin‘. Sometimes, these are things that almost everyone agrees that people shouldn’t do, and sometimes they’re things that most people don’t see a problem with. But God says they’re bad anyway, and that’s all that matters.

When the first people were made, they never did bad things, so everything was fine. Then one day, they did a bad thing by eating from a tree, which meant that they were always going to do bad things and so were all the rest of us. That doesn’t make sense to me, but they were told to do it by a talking ground-animal, so maybe that explains it. Read More…

Ten Hundred Word Heaven

HeavenThere’s a nice place in the sky where God lives. If we’re good and don’t do bad things, or if we do bad things but say sorry for them, we get to go there when we die. It’s not really in the sky, because if it was we might be able to find it and try to get in. Like all nice places, the people who go there don’t want lots of people bothering them in their nice place when they’re trying to have fun.

The nice place in the sky must be really fun, because it’s meant to be a good thing to go there for all of time. I think I’d get bored of even the best places in the world if I had to be there for ages and couldn’t go somewhere else. Read More…

Theological certainty is less comforting than you’d think

One of the strangest things about looking back at the past is noticing how certain I was about everything. It’s hard to explain, and people often have a hard time understanding it, but during the period when I really, truly believed, I was absolutely certain that I was never going to change my mind. I felt that I’d finally found the truth, and that could never be undone.

Prayer 3It wasn’t as if I was moving in line with a different worldview, more as if I’d discovered a new fact. People can change their opinions, but why would I ever think that France wasn’t a country, now that I knew it was? I didn’t usually talk of knowing, but that’s what it comes down to – I had special knowledge, and I couldn’t imagine that ever changing. Read More…

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